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Come play our Arcade-style DFK game for some fun, raffle tickets (coming soon), and more!

Come help us burn some DFK Gold!

View Hero Stats, Genetics and Descendants. Compare Heroes to see where Mutations are possible!

Have a hero and need a summoning partner? You came to the right place. We'll find you a match!

Looking to price a hero? Belly up to the bar at the tavern. We won't let you leave thirsty!

Receive up to 40 Alerts per day based on newly posted Tavern Auctions. Set Alert criteria based on Hero Class, Sub Class, Profession, and more!

Check out current DFK item prices. Is it time to buy or sell? You tell me!

The unabridged Pet Catalog. This app has everything you need to know about your cute (or scary) pet!

The place to go for Gear. Weapons, Armor, Off-hands, and Accessories!

1000s of words we hope are as good as a few pictures. Plus a few pictures too!

Every hero could use a sidekick. Get one to share the workload!

Register your guild to enable searching ALL active members' wallets!

Describes all the benefits for maintaining and Active ADFK Subscription.

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