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ADFK Sidekick

Sidekick Preview, Login for Access!

Use the following controls to give your Sidekick the proper instructions! To get the latest Sidekick head to our Google Drive folder and follow the README.

Windows and Raspberry Pi 4 systems are currently supported. If you have questions ask us on Discord!

Pause Sidekick Transactions

Going to be manually transacting? Pause Sidekick to avoid nonce conflicts.

Wallets To Auto-Quest

Check Auto-Quest on wallets you want quested. Then, use the CV and SD options to individually turn questing on those Chains on or off.

AddressAuto-Quest?Quest CV?Quest SD?

Heroes Quested Manually

Heroes listed here will be ignored by sidekick.

(Comma Separated Hero ID List)

Training Quests

Heroes listed here will perform training quests instead of profession quests.

(Comma Separated Hero ID List)









Gardening Quests

Allows placing specific heroes into specified gardens, useful for ensuring you best gardeners garden pools where you have LP.

Quest NameHero ID List (Comma Separated)Actions

Heroes to Stam Pot

Heroes listed here will have Stamina Vials applied whenever they are not busy questing. Stam potted heroes are quested solo to avoid wasted stamina.

Due to there only being 3 Gold Mining quest sets available, mining heroes Stam Potting will perform Training Quests instead!

(Comma Separated Hero ID List)


Hero IDStat 1Stat 2Stat 3Enhancement CrystalLevel CapActions


(Creates Hero Crystal only, cracking it is up tp you)

SummonerAssistantStoneS. Tear BoostsA. Tear BoostsActions


If a pet is bound and hungry, this type of treat will be fed to the pet just before the next quest starts

Tavern Sales

(Lists heroes for sale when they are not questing)

RealmHero IdSale PriceActions

Gas Limits

Max GweiGwei above which transactions will NOT be performed.
Gas AdjustmentGwei to add to current gas estimate, increase adjustment if transactions are failing due to underpricing.
DFK Chain

Discord Webhook URL

(Message 9dorf on Discord to get a Discord Channel your Bot can send important info to, the webhook URL to that channel goes here)

Sidekick Preview, Login for Access!